There seems to be a special bond that forms at summer camp. While that tends to occur after spending weeks of time together, with more than 70 percent of campers being repeat attendees from year one, Camp Wed proves it only takes three days to happen. Many hugs and excited squeals came as campers from year one were reunited, ready to not only be creatively inspired by the speakers and workshops in store but also catch up with peers about work and personal life.

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Korrine Engleke

“It was a fantastic experience. I loved being able to sit outside and take in the perfect fall days while participating in a great variety of workshops and activities.  It became quickly apparent that our time together was thoroughly thought out and very well planned. It provided a wonderful atmosphere encouraging such great conversations and friendship building.”


Ali Phillips

“It was the most magical 3 days in the woods with like-minded wedding professionals and was a great way to clear my head from the busy wedding season and reignite the passion within my career. The 3 days allowed us to learn and network but also just have fun, laugh, jump of a pier, watch the sunrise from a canoe and dance the night away in the woods.  I have a little new “Camp Wed" family that I look forward to seeing the next year!”

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Karen Murak

“The producers of Camp Wed thought of every little detail. The dinners and drinks were 5 star!! They even flew in Justin Bieber’s chef to Camp to make our amazing farewell dinner as we dined under the stars.  As a wedding photographer I REALLY needed this time away to disconnect, relax and mingle with like-minded creative industry professionals. ”